The Finished Artist

Do you need a Finished Artist or Graphic Designer?

With 20 + years of experience in various roles, I’m lucky enough to identify with both.

Graphic Designer (GD) is required to design visual communication collateral including logos, visual branding, reports, capabilities statements, magazines, websites, brochures, flyers, books, catalogues, posters, point-of-sale… Normally working directly with a client, then developing creative ideas and concepts, choosing the appropriate media and style to meet the client's objectives.

Finished Artist (FA), works under the direction of a graphic designer (usually a senior) or marketer. The visual brand has already been set by a senior graphic designer. They work on the layout of content (images and text) for both printed and online digital media. The role requires exceptional attention to detail, finished art knowledge (pre-press/printing and digital ready formats).  

I have a number of clients where my role is that of a Finished Artist. I take direction from another designer and or marketing manager. The design and style guide is established, I solely produce a product that adheres to the visual brand – reports, capability statements, fact sheets, stationery and general brochure marketing collateral work. I usually work autonomously. 

Does your design or marketing team need an experienced Finished Artist (+ a Graphic Designer)? Please don't hesitate to make contact, I'm here to help!

Some examples below from Tranquil Retirement Group, Mosaic Property Group and Suburban Alliance.

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