Become a BJN Champion

Treat yourself to more than a coffee.

Our BJN referral program is available to current clients, business coaches, marketers and business associates. 


If you like working with BJN, why not spread the love and reap the rewards. 


Ensure your business clients have the best possible visual branding. 

Marketing & PR

No need to employ a design team, let’s grow your clients’ brands together!


You may know of BJN and our wonderful services. Be rewarded for referring clients. 

A Simple Thank You

We offer a 10% referral fee* for work generated over 12 months from every successful referral.

Check out the commission you’ll earn:

$ 0
$500 work value
$ 0
$1,000 work value
$ 0
$5,000 work value
$ 0
$10,000 work value

Above figures are for 12 months.

We help with visual branding, logos, graphic design, printing and websites. 

Cash or Donation

We can pay you cash; alternatively, some people ask us to donate your referral fee to a charity, sporting club or a business doing good things in the world.

FAQs and T&Cs

How does the Referral program work?

Each time you refer a business and they become a customer, you get 10% of the work value generated for 12 months as long as that business remains a client with BJN.

Once you register, we’ll go through an approval process. When your application is approved, you will receive a unique referrer code. This is the code you ask your referees to use. Open to Australian residents only.

We do not offer a referral fee if you intend to white-label my services. This is a business referral. We are open to collaborative white-label work; contact us for a chat.

How do I become a Referrer?

Can anyone become a Referrer? No. There are some checks and balances. However, we do ask you to apply to become a Referrer. This ensures you are a good fit with our business.

Good chances are, if you are applying, you are already in our business network or know of BJN. Simply email or call, and we can have a chat.

How do I refer businesses?

We’re a bit old school; a simple personalised email introduction would suffice. Alternatively, if you are talking to someone/business and they prefer to call us or us call them, ask the prospective client to mention who the referral is from.

Remember, you have to be a registered Referrer to participate.

How do I get paid, cash or donation?

The referral fee is calculated on the amount generated by the referred business exclusive of GST and only payable upon receipt of invoice/s paid by the business for that business quarter. We will notify you of the amount that you can claim, and then you can direct us to the option you would prefer payment.


Payments are made to your bank account quarterly. As part of the onboarding process we’ll ask if you want the referral fee paid as an individual or your business entity. 


Some clients prefer we donate to a charity of their choice. However, if you would like the option to donate and are not sure of a charity, we have a couple of recommendations for you. Payments are made quarterly.

How much can I earn?

We have no limitations on how much work you refer our way, so the sky is the limit!

What is and isn't covered on the 10%?*

Only our core services are subject to a referral fee.

We work collaboratively with other business specialists that offer services beyond our service range; some clients prefer one billing point, and these billable tasks are not offered under the 10%. E.g. when we subcontract to a copywriter or SEO specialist, that is not covered under the 10% referral fee calculation.

Our core services include graphic design, printing and basic web development.

The referral fee is exclusive of GST.

Is there a minimum payout threshold?

Yes, $50 is the minimum amount. But, obviously, the more you refer, the more you earn.

Do you accept any business?

No, any businesses jumping on board would need to fit our studio and business ethos. We take a measured and considered approach when taking on new clients. 

Got questions? No worries just make contact and we'll have a chat.