Graphic Design

Delivering powerful visual branding and communication solutions.

I’ve built my career on the belief that effective visual communication is a vital asset to a business.

Graphic design is all about molding and enhancing a user’s visual experience with a brand. Without it, or with poor quality designs, your customer will be lost, confused, or simply uninterested.

Shaping all the visual brand aspects of a business takes great understanding, skill and creativity.

Design captures the attention of those who see them and communicate the right message. The skill required to effectively design graphics is both innate and acquired over years of experience. With 25+ years of industry experience, I have quite a bit of both…

What can I do for you?

Pretty much anything related to graphic design and printing… and then some.

Prior to any creative being developed, I take a comprehensive approach to establishing a clear understanding of your needs and a firm grasp of your company.

From there, I’m available to create, develop and maintain your visual brand for all on and offline marketing channels, from the basic business card and annual reports, to websites and eNewsletters.

Some other samples of elements that need graphic design work include:

  • Corporate visual branding and identity
  • Business cards, letterheads, with comps
  • Capability statements
  • Annual reports
  • Press advertisements
  • Brochures
  • Posters
  • Book covers and layouts
  • Signage and displays
  • Website and social banners


Graphic design + better communication = better business for you

See our graphic design work.