Branding + Logos

Your logo is not your brand. 

Visual Branding

Your logo is the initial step of developing your creative visual brand. Although critical, it is only one element.

A company’s branding is a greater strategy and combination of marketing tools and visual elements. Altogether these help people quickly identify and develop an emotion or opinion about a company.

Brand identity we create

Primary Logo

Your main logo! It is the primary logo mark people see on your website, brochures, stationery and signage.

Alternate Logo

An alternate logo is a logo version that may be in a slightly different layout than your primary logo. This version will be used when the primary logo isn’t the best fit.

Brand Mark

A brand mark is a unique visual marker that compliments your overall brand identity. Some examples may be:

  • social media backgrounds
  • document headers, footers and watermarks
  • packaging labels and backgrounds
  • signage and POS collateral
Other Brand Elements

Depending on how you build out your brand identity, you’ll be able to utilise these patterns or even redraw aspects of your logo into elegant designs. They are utilised in:

  • document headers, footers and watermarks
  • digital and print backgrounds
  • general marketing collateral.
  • packaging labels and backgrounds
  • and so much more!
Colour Palette

Choosing a colour palette is always exciting and very strategic. Colours subconsciously reinforce feelings and moods when people observe your visual brand. Therefore, establishing your colour palette is essential to any visual brand. Equally important is the selection of colour across CMYK and Pantone (print) and RGB (digital) colour spaces.


Typography is a set of carefully curated font selections and style treatments. We establish appropriate font usage for your logo and digital and offline collateral with thousands of fonts and licensing agreements. Again, consistency and accessibility are the keys.

Image and Photography

Photography and Imagery are an integral part of your visual brand. More so than not, it is the primary visual element people see and respond to. We help you identify the best visuals that reflect your brand.

Brand Style Guides

Your brand guideline references how your visual brand can be utilised. The guide takes all of the above into consideration. This guide is perfect for your 3rd party suppliers who will use your brand.

Creating Your Logo

Your logo is your business ID card, completely unique and utterly yours

An innovative logo design should clearly and consistently identify your business or organisation to your customers in the marketplace.

A logo should be seen as a clear marker. It is the main graphical element of your company, and it can (and should) be applied consistently across all marketing collateral, including signage and promotion, business stationery and billboards, premises and vehicles, social media, and more.

The design process

I take the time to understand your company or organization, the emotion and understanding you want to give potential and existing customers, and the direction in which you want your business to head.

With that thorough background information, I develop several logo ideas and work with you to hone in on the right one.

Once satisfied we’ve found your logo, I then provide you with technically correct files for application and distribution across all media types.

Logo Redraws

Over the years, I’ve seen my fair share of logos that need redrawing or a refresh. These updates have been due to many reasons… previous agencies not handing over all the proper files, companies feeling they’ve outgrown their original design, or because I saw a way to make an upgrade, bringing new life to a company’s visual brand.



Regardless of the backstory, whenever asked to help with a logo, I take the same care, curiosity, and creative flair with all.

And when you ask me to do your logo, I always supply all files required to ensure the appropriate and technically correct logo is ready for printing and online.