Improving Graphic Design Costs

The actual graphic design process (hands on the keyboard is the last process a business should think of, that may sound strange coming from a creative.

Content is King

Content is defined by copy, data, information that is displayed within a particular brochure, capability statement or any other promotional or educational document.
One of the most common reasons why graphic design budgets blow out is because of poorly constructed content and lack of planning.

Graphic Design is like building a house

When building a house, you work with your architect or builder, plans are approved, and you engage your builder to build at an agreed amount.

During the build, you decide you want bedroom 2 and 3 larger, the laundry and bathroom swapped, the kitchen to be reconfigured, and the single garage is now a two car garage. Would you expect the builder to build the house with the modifications at the original price and timeframe?

Work on getting your content correct!

Changing content midway through a design project is very much like the analogy of building a house. Most designers will charge extra for modifications beyond the originally agreed brief, just like a builder.

By having your content close to 100% correct, WILL SAVE YOU MONEY, TIME & FRUSTRATION.

Good design is based on purpose, functionality and content. What is the purpose of the project, how will you achieve this, and what is the content?

Remember, the actual graphic design process (hands on the tools) is the last process.

TIP 1: BEFORE you hand over the content to your designer, engage the appropriate people in your organisation that need to be involved with content development and approval.

TIP 2: INVOLVE your designer early on in the decision-making. An experienced graphic designer will be able to help you nut out some of the nitty gritty specifications of your project.

Drafts, Proofs, Revisions or whatever you call them

Minimising the number of drafts per project will reduce costs and time. In theory, if your content is close to 100% correct, then there will be minimal revisions needed.
A quote from a graphic designer usually includes 1-3 rounds of revisions before finalising the project. Keeping in mind, those revisions are minimal, not wholesale content changes.
An experienced graphic designer will be able to help you keep your project on track and on time.

Not skilled, not confident or just not sure about content?

Most professional graphic designers will be able to help you with content depending on their skill set. If not, they are usually well connected with copywriters, public relations and marketing associates who can assist you with content development.

Think, Plan, Execute!